• Armação De Pêra

    Armação de Pêra

    The Greatest Natural Reef in Portugal

    One of the most greater Reefs in Portugal. with an extensive sandy beach, calm and crystal clear waters are some of the attractions that you can find in Armação de Pera.

    For its incomparable beauty of features, it is one of the favorite places for Portuguese families and European Tourists around the world.

    Must see:

    Secret bays accessible only by boat, as well as visits to the caves accompanied by the local fishermen, are some of the unforgettable experiences along this fascinating rocky coast.

    Keeping its fishing roots, this village is a very privileged destination for those who love sun and beach, with calm hot water. In summer, the animation floods the streets and at night it is always possible to find varied fun.

    The Real Estate sector of Armação de Pêra

    Armação de Pêra, is a town in the south of Portugal, Algarve , with diverse options in terms of real estate offer. You can find apartments, from one bedroom, or a villa for single family, all kind of houses. The location is perfect, near of beaches and quick access to markets, shops, hospitals, and schools.

    Investment Opportunity:

    The locals identity of the “Armacenenses”, allied to the historical past with straight connection to Sea where "The Greatest Natural Reef in Portugal"e the village of Armação de Pêra the ideal place to live, spend holidays and above all, invest in a house, with high profitability. If you are looking to buy a second house in Algarve for a family holiday, Armação de Pêra is the ideal location.

    Places to visit:

      • Chapel of Nossa Senhora da Rocha
      • Chapel of the Bones in Alcantarilha

    Do not lose:

      • Carnival of Armação de Pêra;
      • Pirate Week.
    Location of Armação de Pêra

    Armação de Pêra belongs to the Silves County, and it’s located in the center of the Algarve, between Albufeira and Carvoeiro.


    • A22 or En125
    • Airport at around 50km
    • Train station of Poço Barreto at 10km
    • Bus