• Lagos



    Moments of leisure and relaxation

    One of the most visited cities in the Algarve, Lagos, offers recreational moments of unparalleled leisure and relaxation.

    Those who visit the Algarve and the city of Lagos can choose between long stretches of sand dunes, such as Meia Praia, or smaller, sheltered beaches, such as Praia da Boneca or Dona Ana Beach. -a place of choice for water sports, while the cliffs of the smaller beaches offer caves, charming sheltered places that delight the families who visit the Algarve region.

    Beaches, hotels, bars and restaurants, find diversity in this city, Lagos has a bit of everything, to welcome well who visits.

    Economic development, aimed at capturing and investing in sectors considered strategic, with the local economy, through the sea and tourism, places the city of Lagos in one of the important tourist destinations of the Algarve region.

    Aerial Video of Lagos


    The Real Estate sector of Lagos

    Urban development has taken modern contours, offering the city a great urban diversity.

    In the Historical center of Lagos we can find small rustic, traditional houses that result in fantastic commercial spaces for shops, and restaurants.

    Along the Marina of Lagos, you can find a modern architecture, where stores offer plenty of options for those who seeking a commercial space set in a cosmopolitan atmosphere.

    You can find here fantastic apartments overlooking the sea, unique properties ranging between T0 and penthouses.

    Throughout of Lagos we found little paradises refugees by steep slopes that define the region. Several properties benefit from an unparalleled sun exposure that gives the villas and farms, unforgettable features.