• Monte Gordo

    Monte Gordo

    Monte Gordo

    From the nineteenth century begin to emerge numerous sardines and tuna canning factories.

    In the 60s, the city becomes a pioneer in Tourism. Its border with Spain was also very beneficial for the development of tourism.

    Nowadays it is a very sought after tourist destination.

    Aerial view of Monte Gordo

    Real  Estate Opportunities in Monte Gordo

    If you are looking to buy a house in Monte Gordo, for a living or for investment, know that there are excellent opportunities in an area of great tourist interest throughout Europe. Find the property of your choice. 

    Places to visit:

    • Igreja Matriz de Nossa Senhora da Encarnação
    • Museu Manuel Cabanas
    • Obelisco
    Location of Monte Gordo

    Just before Vila Real de S. António at almost 60km from the capital, in the direction of Spain.


      • Via do Infante ou En125
      • Airport at 55km