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    In USNEWS we can learn 11 reasons to live after retirement in Algarve.

    This information is now shared to the world! And people who live in Algarve, knows that reality.


    • In USNEWS we can learn 11 reasons to live after retirement in Algarve.

      source: money.usnews.com

      This information is now shared to the world! Although by the people who live in Algarve.

      1. The Clima

      Already well known, the climate of the Algarve is the envy of the rest of europe, and even the rest of Portugal. With a solar exposer of more than 3,300 hours of sunlight per year, even in winters you can find sunny days.

      2. Security

      Classified as the 3rd safest country in the World, violent crimes are rare, something that many thousands of tourists who visit the region year after year, already know. Read More

      3. The Infrastructure

      Over the last few years, several investments have been made in the Real Estate sector, and in the extensive highway network that connects Algarve to the rest of the country. The Faro's international airport is located in the center of the region, making Algarve even more accessible to who decides to visit.

      Portugal is a great starting point to travel in Europe or even to Africa.

      4. Health Care

      There are in Algarve many health care units, with international standards, however, we believe you won't need them very often, due to the amazing lifestyle present here.

      5. The Golf courses

      Already very well known internationally, some of the 42 Golf Courses are amongst the best in the World.

      6. The beaches

      From small Cove's to long stretches of sand, the Algarve Beaches attract several thousands of people every year to enjoy Summertime.

      Not only due to the quality of the sand, but also the quality of the water. The clear blue waters, delight the young ones as they do the elders. It is possible to enjoy boat rides to view dolphins, that seem to know the upsides of living in Algarve.

      7. The Life Cost

      Portugal has one of the lowest economies in Europe, something that encourages more and more people to live here, buying real estate has become easier and the prices compared to the rest of Europe turn the region into a real paradise accessible to everyone.

      8. Easy communication

      During the last decades, several tourists have visited and continue to visit the Algarve, this has made several services and people to learn and practice English on a regular basis, and even French and German can be spoken by the same services.

      9. Healthy Lifestyle

      Portuguese cuisine is one of the characteristics that make the Portuguese people proud. Who visits cannot be immune to the delicacies present in most traditional restaurants. And although desserts are particularly well known, a healthy lifestyle becomes very accessible due to the quantity of fresh fish and vegetables produced locally.

      10. Fiscal benefits

      The recent fiscal incentives, particularly the Non-Resident Regime, makes it possible for foreign retirees to benefit from total tax exemption, from their home country, and from Portugal. This increase in revenue will make a big difference in a economy where you can live well with little resources.

      11. Undervalued Real Estate Sector

      With the properties priced below market value, Portugal becomes a great place to invest. The increased demand for renting over purchasing, makes purchasing real estate as an investment a solid business. It is one of the best prices to rent ratios of Europe, that is not very explored. Seize this Opportunity!

      If these reasons don't convince you, then visit-us a you will find 11 more reasons to turn Algarve in your new residence.

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