• Strände in Armação de Pêra


    Beaches in Armação de Pêra

    The Beaches in Armação de Pera at The Algarve was presented with some of the most beautiful beaches in the World, know some of the Beaches in Armação de Pêra and its location.

    Armação de Pera


    Armação de Pêra Beach is one of the largest sandy beaches in the Algarve. The beach stretches along the coast, to the east of the beach and reminiscent of the fishing tradition of Armação de Pera, the beach is occupied by colorful fishing boats.

    It has parking, Bars, Restaurants, Camping, First aid station, Beach with lifeguard, Access for disabled, Rental of tarpaulins, Sun loungers, Showers, Beach Soccer, Beach volleyball, Small craft, Motorized craft.


    Praia do Vale do olival

    Beach of Vale  do Olival

    At the nascent end of the Municipality of Lagoa there appears the sand of the bay of Armação de Pêra.

    The cliffs gradually lose their arrogance, and in the Olival Valley the sweetness of the monotonous stretch of sand begins. The upwelling, more fragile in this area, is badly eroded by erosion.


    Praia dos Beijinhos

    Beijinhos Beach

    Arriving at Beijinhos beach from the Olival Valley beach, by a narrow path that winds through the vegetation typical of the ridge crest. Great care must be taken not to set foot on a false trail, but it is worth while to walk through these picturesque paths and gaze at the ravines and rocky arches.


    Praia Ilha da Culatra

    Cova Redonda Beach

    It is worth going down the long and narrow Portuguese sidewalk staircase to reach the beach.

    The whiteness of the sand, the transparency of the water and the tranquility of the beach are the generous reward of those who get in the way.