• Strände in Carvoeiro


    Beaches in Carvoeiro

    Seen from the sea, the coastline is a series of escarpments of vividly colored tones of curious shapes and caves between rocks, whose almost surreal beauty is amplified by contrast with the crystal clear waters. Among the rocks there are large stretches of sand alternating with small niches and inlets that can only be accessed by the sea.




    The charm of this beach of fishermen comes from its small bay of transparent waters. Right in the middle of a very cosmopolitan tourist center. There are boats that can be rented to visit the caves and secluded beaches that abound in its vicinity.



    Praia Grande do Carvoeiro


    Grande beach

    This beach has a very ample parking. It also has direct access to restaurants, showers and bathrooms. There is an area dedicated to children where they can play in all safety, since the beach is guarded by a lifeguard.


    Pintadinho Beach

    Pintadinho Beach

    A small beach of calm waters, the beach of the Pintadinho is to the west of the mount of the Tip of the Altar. This beach has an area where it is possible to play volleyball. There are also restaurants and a small car park.



    Vale Centeanes

    Centeanes Beach

    Located between rocks and steep slopes. The beach of the Centeanes valley has also good conditions for surfing.