• Playas en Faro


    Beaches of Faro

    The beaches of the municipality of Faro lie between the Peninsula do Ancão and Culatra Island, along the long sandy cordon that characterizes the Ria Formosa Natural Park.

    This park consists of a rich and complex aquatic ecosystem, constituted by a system of barrier islands, canals and marshes. The barrier islands constitute the sandy coastal strand that separates the waters (Ria Formosa) from the Atlantic Ocean.
    Faro Beach and Barrinha Beach / Barra de São Luís are on the Ancão Peninsula, Barreta / Deserta Island is on Barreta Island and Farol Beach and Culatra Beach are on the Culatra Island.
    The barrier islands are separated by tide bars, and from west to west are Barra do Ancão / Barra de São Luís, Barra de Santa Maria / Barra do Farol and Barra da Culatra / Barra of the Armona (municipality of Olhão).
    The beaches of the county of Faro are in a region of Mediterranean climate, with semi-arid characteristics, with an extended dry season during the summer months, and with a relatively mild winter.

    The precipitations are weak and irregular, the temperatures are mild and the solar radiation is high, with average values ​​in the order of 18º C.


    Faro BEACH

    Faro Beach is located on the Ancão Peninsula. In the Natural Park of Ria Formosa.

    Access to Praia de Faro is through a bridge, where you can circulate car traffic or by boat.
    Nautical Center of the City Council assumes a strategic role in promoting kayaking, sailing and windsurfing.


    PRAIA DA BARRETA / Ilha deserta

    Barreta Beach is one of the best preserved and less frequented beaches in the Algarve. About 11 km of silence and quiet characterize the Deserta Island, where everything seems to fit perfectly between worlds as distinct as land, sea and air. The sand breathes of life, feeding several species of molluscs: clams, shells and many other shells.


    Praia da Barrinha

    Barrinha Beach is located at the eastern end of the Ancão Peninsula. It's a very quiet and usually deserted area that can be reached on foot from Faro beach, via a long wooden walkway, or by boat. This beach has no buildings or road infrastructure.



    Praia Ilha da Culatra

    The Beach of Culatra is located in the Island of the same name (county of Faro).

    Access to Culatra Beach is done through a wooden walkway recently built according to the standards of the Ria Formosa National Park. In this beach the sand is ample and it extends to lose of sight, as much for west as for nascent. This beach is devoid of any infrastructures.


    Praia do Farol

    Farol Beach is located on the Island of Culatra, Faro municipality and its name is due to the fact that it is located there the lighthouse of Cabo de St.ª. Maria.

    Access to Lighthouse Island is by boat only. In spite of its urban and tourist occupation, this beach counts on an extensive beach that, to nascent, gradually becomes more calm.