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    Praias em Lagos

     9 Beaches in Lagos for discover


    Praia da Luz

    The Praia da Luz,

    Praia da Luz (Beach) in Lagos is a small paradise in the Algarve.

    This beach Praia da Luz is extensive enough to be able to extend the towel without stepping on the neighbor on the side (except perhaps in August, when the whole Algarve fills up).



    Porto de Mós, Lagos

    Porto de Mós Beach

    The Porto de Mós Beach is one of the most beautiful beaches in Lagos. In the upstairs you will find the Mirador da Atalaia, where the view can reach Sagres.

    On the sandy beach of Porto de Mós, you can choose to be close to the beach and restaurants, or walk further to the right, where the cliffs win ocher tones and the towels gain more space.


    Praia do Canavial

    Praia do Canavial

    Access to Praia do Canavial is by footpath. A winding path, carved on the face of the top, not recommended for children and the elderly.

    If you are among the adventurers making the descent, in the end you will find a narrow, sheltered and very quiet beach. The best time to enjoy this beach will be at low tide.


    Praia da Balança

    A Praia da Balança

    Its shape reminds it of an old scale, which gave its name to this beach.

    Here, the ocher tones are intense, in such a way that they have already been called the "Costa d'Ouro" to this piece of coastal strip.



    Praia do Camilo

    A Praia do Camilo

    To access the beach of Camilo Beach you will have to descend a great staircase.

    Already on the beach, a rock divides the sand. But it is possible to cross it by a narrow and humid tunnel, but that keeps in itself innumerable seashells that are worth discovering.


    Praia Dona Ana, Lagos

    Praia Dona Ana

    Enjoy the cuts on the cliffs to spread the towel and be sure to dive in these waters. We guarantee you will be enchanted by the maritime color of this area.

    You can also walk along the trail at the top of the top, the source of the beach, to reach Pinhão Beach. But keep in mind: always keep the safe distance from the edge of the escarpment.


    Praia do Pinhão

    Praia do Pinhão
    At Pinhão Beach you will find a small beach, nestled among the cliffs of intense colors.
    The source of the beach is a natural arch, on the other side, you can enjoy a viewpoint with a staircase that descends to the sea.


    Praia da Batata, Lagos

    Praia da Batata

    Close to the historic center of Lagos, you will find Batata Beach.

    Also the wild aspect of the beach gave place to a pedestrian walk and several infrastructures of support to the bathers


    Meia Praia, Lagos

    Meia Praia  

    It is the longest beach of the city, it follows the whole Bay of Lagos. About 4 km from the jetty of the Ribeira de Bensafrim to the barrier of the Ria de Alvor. Being the only beach of this county with totally sandy characteristics, it is common to see in Meia Praia practitioners of sports like volleyball or beach soccer.